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"I don't believe I will die.""Smell it, Grandpa, I smell the smell!"Grandpa laughed: "it's about to get on the set, Toni, but I can't smell anything now.""Toni can do foresight." Lisa Jayne said. I looked back at the glare, but Juan is closer to the mother, eyes look free 5.0 running Juan know, sometimes I really can predict something, such as smell, or who is coming to us. This kind of small things. I don't even know about these things - but grandpa knows almost everything.

Others never understand Juan and I. If you're looking for two sisters who don't like you, you're gonna find us. A weight in our planet, Juan looks the most beautiful; and my appearance is very common. Juan skin white as milk thecow, golden hair long; my hair was like from the armpit out like, and I'm fat, fat like a big ball.If you want to know why President Juan is so beautiful, of course she has told me to place as long as long as like as two peas that put her beside her mother bibi. Grandpa said, Dad after the accident, my mother has been a little nervous abnormal, otherwise, my mother is not only beautiful. At home, we never mention dad.Go to a large group of bee Mingshan, molar beast climb to the road, creaking molars. Grandpa beat a few, the rest are scattered. The beast will only molar scare people, but they are really scary enough, so when Grandpa ho ho to catch the beast teeth fell behind, my grandfather, to pull Tyrone together.Tyrone is the name given to us by grandpa, because there was a hero named Tyrone. However, even if the car where people really like Tyrone, he would not be a great hero. In my opinion, he is covered with ringworm, pour more like a skinny anteaters. Grandpa used to say things like I'd never seen free 5.0 running I asked Tyrone, "do you want to play on the set, Tyrone?"

"Um." He answered."You have a copper coin, don't you?" I know my grandfather gave him a few coins."I don't know." Tyrone road."You must have," I said, patting the small bag on his neck,nike free 5.0 running "Here, Tyrone, there are five new coins, like last year."

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