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Marie coughed, said: "you're here to see the women have to work." She is looking for a topic, looking up at the blue sky, you have your way of life, such as the choice of partners, marriage, etc.. Really, by contrast, I find myself a little old-fashioned." She stood up and looked at Herta. "Aren't you going to tell me about women today?""Herta nodded in agreement: "for the sake of human reproduction, every woman should have at least two children."What about women who don't want children?""Do you want it?"nike free 6.0 "Ah, some women don't want children, so they can be more free!"

"Is that true for you?" Herta was confused."So how do you solve this problem?""It's not a problem for us. During childbirth, women can take a year off. Children's social service is very good, by the age of two, they are ready to go to nursery school, eight years old began formal school life""I'd like to ask you a question." Marie free 6.0 "You mention it!" Herta encouraged her. "Everything we can communicate."

"How many children do you have?""I have three. One girl, two boys. The biggest one is Belt, who just finished school.""So, how old are you now?""I'm almost sixty-seven years old."nike free 6.0 "I don't believe it. It looks like you're only forty."

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