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They began to play "fishing", then began playing "Crazy 8", and then from their father's bathroom brought the shaving cream, put it on the nanny's hands and legs, and toilet paper wrapped around her body, she wanted to become a mummy. She's the best nanny they've ever had.At 9:30, she wanted them to go to bed. But Claire and Samantha didn't want to go to bed, so they started playing the game of the dead. The game is a role-playing game, they have been playing this game for 274 days, but they have never played in front of their father or any adult. When they play the "dead", they can do whatever they want. They can even fly, jump out of the nursery bed and wave their arms. If they practice enough, sometimes it works.There are three rules for the dead.Gentle show no free air 5.0 The corridor leads to a large building. After a minute is full of small holes and small lumps of the floor gradually sinking. When it stops sinking, the above passage is densely covered curtain. Now they're starting an amazing journey.

Gentle and Wahl Gersh take off their clothes, put in a sealed cabinet. Then they walked out of a room through the door of the double door and into another room. They are sprayed, blown, washed, cleaned, and treated with different temperatures of different drugs, as a series of measures, such as swimming in the fountain. Wahl closed his eyes and followed behind sven. According to start disinfection process of irradiation; they suddenly in the golden light, and in the pale blue light, and then in the green light to go ahead, the light is emitted from the transparent walls. Sometimes they're still in the dark room.Monitor the whole process. Somewhere, the monitor expressed some misgivings, and they had to go back to a room and sterilize again.Finally they got the right to wear a new uniform. Sealed compartment written on different sizes of clothing, casual clothes hanging inside. Only the hands and faces appear on the outside, and are riveted by the wind.The monitor checked again, and it was in the prison free air 5.0 Sven refers to the shape of the building, said: "here are a variety of cold bacteria. Everything, more than one hundred kinds. The plague in this building. Look, this building is not small!"

The plague caused Val Ghosh to hesitate.Si Wenxian went on to say, "this is a remnant of the old age. There is a plausible argument in medicine: since the plague was held here, it has been thoroughly studied by humans, and has developed a highly effective drug for the treatment of plague. If the bacteria get out of here, it's just a little bit of trouble. If the former know that with this kind of medicine, then the plague is completely inadequate disease, even lighter than the chronic cold. I mean, of course, in general.""Why, is there anything special?""Oh, I've found a lot of new types that I didn't know before. It was not found in the past, it is a very small amount of doping in the ordinary bubonic plague. "Not long ago, there was a rod-shaped bacterium," said Sven proudly. "By comparison, what the human race used to say is really nothing. Any blood type does not work for the new strain."nike free air 5.0 "I think you appreciate it very much. Perhaps you will be welcome to Dan Taluth?"

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