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Ralph took the ball from the referee, studied the basketball calmly, and put the ball in the air again.Not hit again.Sam grabbed a rebound and threw it.The red team won the free free 5.0 No one in the dressing room said Ralph. I mean, there's no blame for the free throw. Damn, it's the only thing we can do. But damn -- in three seconds before the end of the game we thought we are the champions, but then the championship has gone. I've never been so quiet in my life.

We left the plane in the morning, so the bus took us back to the hotel. I stopped for a couple of drinks in the bar and walked back to the room. Ralph sat in his chair, with an expression of understanding on his face."Don't blame yourself," I consoled. "How many points did you get, 66 or 67? No one can ask for more. No need to be depressed.""That's wonderful." It says."What a wonderful thing?" I free free 5.0 A German lady: "I must tell you, it's 5:10. I'm afraid you're too late."

Mulder asked why.A German wife replied: "6 is the deadline. Everything must be moved into the house before 6 p.m.. This is what we have here."Mulder and Carrie walked into the room and saw that the room was clean. Mudd said, "Wow, the picture is not very accurate. The owner of the former is really clean."A German lady said: "guys, quick, quick, quick." The neighbors helped to move the furniture from the truck into the free free 5.0 "What do you do, Mr. Petrie?"

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