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In the blue waves of the Pacific Ocean and the junction of the Atlantic, there is a white sand table, glittering and translucent, it is lying on top of a radius of hundreds of kilometers of lush green island. This is the red letter masterpiece - picturesque scenery by the crystal reef piled into the land. It is the growth of all things, for human habitat.Clean, quiet, blue sea breeze, waves waves, especially in the magnificent. The turquoise sea, faintly visible that thousands of fantastic corals, like snow in some red, some like a peacock; red, white, pink, green...... Constitute a colorful undersea world map. During the tour of the colorful fish and other plankton, but also adds a faction of this gorgeous world.The island, the tall evergreen tree verdant, a quiet and elegant villa yard; garden full of exotic and strangely scented flowers fragrant. The balcony, an old man with a graying beard in the early. A flock of seagulls, as if nothing had happened to come with food, so that it is particularly quiet, enron.Is really: "smell the sea mountains, in the mountains with no reality whatever."nike free high Here is a foot island land of idyllic beauty.

Suddenly, the room danced out of a tall young man, broke the balcony of the quiet, from the sea gulls.A young man named Henry, seventeen years old this year, because he enjoys boating, swimming, the body especially sturdy, at school is an athlete."Dad, I'm going to have a good day today!" Henry said to the old man."Go on, kid." The old man was dark, replied in the free high Henry looked at his father and was surprised. He suddenly found his father a lot these days old. As a son, the father is the most understand. He was aware of the old scientist and some well-known, far and near, the past is not the same old symbol: originally waist straight stem collar, is now on the back of the heavy burden, obviously bent; rimmed presbyopic glasses, hanging on the nose, also appears to have no gloss; eye brow corner full of melancholy discomfort wrinkles.

But, of course, once you get home, you won't write to me. You will meet me in the future, we do not have to communicate through this poor and uncertain letter. But for me, these letters will not be in 7 years, I will have to wait for another 8 years, until I become the woman who greets you.Physics is really sad. I've been working on some of these puzzling questions with Einstein's statue. Niels Groli, you'd better come home safe and sound, or I can't spare you. Or Einstein would never forgive you.What will happen in the future? I said to myself, a little voice from the past. Technicians say I can take a picture, as long as the picture is small enough. They can compress it, and it won't take up too much of your valuable wormhole bandwidth, but it will be a bit distorted. I'm wearing a high school uniform and a school cap. I hope you like the picture. Of course, for us, that's what I used to be. Now I am in college, I have grown up a lot.Keep in free high Love you, Elena

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