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I couldn't stand it, and I know how amazing it was for you, because the two of you have been communicating through the wormhole until the very last moment of her life. But for all of us, the accident happened three years ago.I know you and I are not the best friends when you leave. She was so young then. I think it is a wrong choice for her to fall in love with so many people. But she really fell in love with you, so many years have been waiting for you to come back, to marry you. Even when I tried to persuade her to give up. She keeps saying good things about you. I'm sorry. I have to tell you the news. But you need to know why she didn't come to meet you. I'm sorry, give me a call when you get home. I want to give her something.Dearest Niels:I guess you're home now, of course, on your timeline. For me, it will be seven years of waiting, but I can wait. Please keep in touch with me. I can hold on free outlet Did you have a big parade? I bet you must have. It must be good. The media is still on the nervous and rushed together when the other end of the wormhole to what they can do, so I bet you celebrated, in whatever way.

I'm thrilled for you, Niels, although on my timeline, the task is far from complete. I know the mission monitor can't let you tell me too much, but I congratulate you on your mission.I wonder whether we are married on your timeline, or whether we decide to wait. How do I look? I'm sure I didn't tell you my weight. Besides, I'm afraid I'm not that good. I want to ask you a lot of questions. Now you're home.Love you, ElenaDearest Niels:nike free outlet I haven't heard from you last month. Have you settled down yet? I can only imagine. Niels, there must be a lot of things going on in your life these days. You must be very busy between tasks, tests, interviews and parades. I can forgive you for the one or two time you forgot to write to me, I know you have been so trustworthy. In my opinion, I may be the reason why you didn't write to me last month. You should have seen the future of me by now, I hope that I can make you busy. We have a lot of time to make up, don't we? Now I'm a little awkward, that I might be in a position where I'm going to get your attention. However, I am willing to respect the older I am, after all, she is more experienced, and living in front of you, and I am just a voice from the past, right? Well, if you are older because I am too busy and have no time to write, it is not a good thing. It also makes me feel for it, right?

I'm proud of you. Write to me oh!"Do you need any help?" A young woman dressed in fashion asked us."No, thank you." I say."If you're looking for a dress shop, there's one in the lobby downstairs."nike free outlet "Dress shop?" Murray asked.

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