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Harris continued, "do you think your words will not be recorded?"Freeman replied: "I personally checked the room, did not find the eavesdropping device."Harris eyes stared at Freeman, and then smile: "friend, you cheated. Before the guards brought you here, I had heard the sound of your conversation. I can tell you that on every floor of the room, a tiny microphone is installed on the floor, which automatically records the sound on the tape recorder. At the same time, you can also monitor television."Freeman lip, cursed his clumsy, he should think of this free run 5.0 neon Anderson asked calmly, "what are you going to do with us, Harris?"

Harris shrugged his shoulders: "in this regard, there are clear provisions. The death penalty shall be imposed on those attempting to escape.""Wait a minute, Harris." Freeman interrupted, "who's going to run away?""You don't be a fool, Freeman, although you still does not constitute a crime, but it is of no great importance. Even if you can't escape, but what you do is tantamount to escape. According to your escape plan, you can be sentenced to death."They fly far away from the kingdom. Belgium Faith to Mr. Ji Bolin pointed out that the world with other countries, there are rivers, lakes and mountains, valleys, plains and deserts, port, ranch, farm and granary, a fleet at sea, army free run 5.0 neon From time to time, he asked, "did you write it all down on paper?" And here, Mr. Ji Bolin would say, "yes."! Yes!" And then the brush on the back of the map, a record of the original has been written here, there is a dragon where the real thing.

After a long time, they return. Belgium Faith put Mr. Ji Bolin down in the yard, and he fell on the wall, like a giant red green bird."Have you learned your lesson?" He asked Baer."Yes, yes, sir, the great Belgium Faith." Mr. Ji Bolin said, holding the map on his chest as if to protect himself."I'm leaving now," said Belgium Faith. "I hope you'll make an accurate map from today on. And remember, "he added," I hope you forget the dragon."nike free run 5.0 neon "Yes, I promise." Mr. Ji Bolin said, "I'll forget everything about dragons."

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