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"It's unbelievable," said the father. "The screen is pink and the house will be happy."In the evening, Junior fell asleep, the mother and father also slept, the mother will head on his father's shoulder, his father arm around her, in a low voice chat.Since the housing function is normal, there is no need to contact the real estate company."Grandma always spoke of the car she has a long time ago," said the father, "that is using unleaded gasoline, people drive yourself to the outside, she loved the car, driving it is a relaxed mood, she used car engine like used to wear gloves, touch the steering wheel, feeling slightly it felt heart fibrillation. She said that the car is not perfect, but the car has its own unique personality. Later, the grandfather of the device will be replaced by solar energy, she said, it will never come back again."nike free tr fit "You mean, the house also has a personality, right?" Mother way.

"Yes," said the father, "all the things to do, house cleaning, washing, cooking, reminders of things, but it also has its own special personality, a quirk, a good and harmless eccentricities." They want to keep the personality of the house, so they decided to wake up tomorrow morning to cancel the automatic renewal of the house, and then each into the dreamland.Love house humor, every time I hear something funny, the display will turn into pink, but in one or two minutes time, if it is malicious joke, the screen will not change color, because it is not love.Father, mother, and Junior Ever watched funny comedy on the wall screen, and soon the house was also appreciated -- of course, thanks to the family's explanation and help from time to time. It's a lot more fun, and it often turns out to be a bright pink, sometimes with no obvious reason.Father, mother and Junior can not be in the same place in the house, and sometimes do not know why the house happy, of course, this does not affect the house to exercise other normal free tr fit Father, mother, and Junior live in the happiest and most happy house.

One evening, my father came home from work, my mother stood at the kitchen table, with a large bouquet of flowers to the beam, holding a piece of paper."Hey, here you are." He said, "I let the house to call the florist, happy marriage ten years!"The mother hugged and kissed her father, then read the note aloud."The ten years I spent with you was the happiest time of my life!"nike free tr fit "I'm sorry," said the house. "What does that mean?"

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