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I suddenly woke up and asked myself: "how can we fly through this incident?"My body must be moved, because I feel pain before it is dark. I have no way to know this is suffering and state of experience in the end how much time. When my mind finally came to my senses, my first impression was that the spacecraft's engines were pushing the craft forward.This time, I slowly regained consciousness and consciousness and kept my body in a state of immobility. The weight of years of sleep has affected me deeply. I have decided not to execute the regulations laid down by Mr. Pan at a discount.I don't want to lose consciousness again,nike free tr I was lying on my seat thinking, I was stupid, still worried about Jim Lang fei. He will not be out of this state of life for fifty years.

I began to notice the bright clock on the top of the intestine. The hour hand pointed at twenty-three twelve and it was twenty-three twenty-two. The ten minute transition from static state to state of action has passed.My hand reached the edge of the seat. I pressed the button and click, a gently humming sound is ringing. Automatic massage starts to massage my naked body.The machine starts to massage my arm, and then it goes to the leg, which is the body part of it. On the one hand, it is a thin layer of grease on my dry skin.There have been times when I have felt the pain of life returning to the body, almost shouting. But after an hour, I was able to sit up and free tr To this simple and familiar little room, the segment only watched for a while. Then I stand up.

This moves too fast, I stumbled and almost fell down, the metal frame quickly by hand pull the seat, the mouth can't help take a color light to gastric juice.After vomiting, after a fierce ideological struggle, regardless of the physical weakness, went to open the door, into the control room of the narrow corridor.I was in the hallway for a short time. It was because of a violent convulsion that he had to stand still. I feel like I can't get over this sudden convulsion and put my body on the dashboard.I took a look at the clock, pointing to twenty-seven days of fog in fifty-three years and seven months for two free tr "Fifty-three years!" I muttered to myself.

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