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In silence, the officer raised his hand to his forehead, saluted, and then left the pioneers.Weeks passed.The pioneers were greatly disappointed at the endless, boring journey, but it gave them a better understanding of each other. Interest congenial together, formed a small group.Luther, Anderson, Mr. and Mrs., Mrs., and his daughter, Nadia, also formed such a small group of people, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so was Freeman. Six of them spend time together: sometimes they talk about the future, sometimes in the free One day, they are bored in a spaceship, from each cabin megaphone of the ship's captain's voice. The sound attracted everyone:

Gentlemen! Please pay attention, please listen for a few minutes. I thank you for your exemplary compliance throughout the journey. At the same time, I want to tell you that we are coming to the planet! In five or six more hours, we will land on a four star. As you all know, Uranus is a satellite of uranus......"The murmuring of the pioneers grew, and their voices became higher and higher. The captain of the ship had to remain silent before the men and women were surprised and disturbed.Almost a minute later, the captain's voice was so convincing that he was heard again: "I'm guessing what's going on in your head. But I assure you that we do not have to feel alarmed. Our staff said that Uranus is our exploration of the end of the galaxy, and the earth is not much difference. A few years ago, scientists made a careful, productive study of Uranus and its moons. The best proof is many of the pioneers have been king of Wei four settle down and live very happy. They are full of praise to us that the life of this planet on the planet Uranus has been much higher than the life of our M country. I hope you will say these words to us next time we meet. Now, please be ready, once we land on the land of the heavenly kings, everyone will go down. My staff, will be responsible for the mechanical equipment we bring down, for your future work, to provide more convenient conditions."The captain's words, to disperse the pressure in the head of the pioneers of gloom. Then, everyone is busy, ready to land on the distant free Five hours one thousand and twenty-eight minutes later, No. 131 super light on spacecraft, satellites of Uranus - Uranus who landed on a four-star ground. When the doors opened, the pioneers could not wait to leave the ship and watch their new world.

The choice of a landing place for a super ship is no better. On a flat square of about a square mile, there seems to be a green carpet covering the ground. Purple flowers shining in the green grass; surrounded by colorful, exotic flowers and rare herbs showed a bright light.Freeman finally left the ship and mused on moving forward.Most of the pioneers from the spacecraft down after they desperately ran to those exotic flowers and rare herbs. They're going to be the discoverer of the strange and lush plants.Freeman! Here is like a paradise, you say?" Nadia exclaimed free Freeman suddenly awakened from meditation, turned in surprise.

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