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You can feel it, you can feelI seem to remember that Edward Malone, a friend of mine in the chronicle, told me about professor Cha Linjie. He shared some adventures with the professor. But I am too busy to work, the company's orders and more, so there is little to know about the interests of the profession. My general impression is that people say Cha Linjie is a genius, hot temper, irritability. To my surprise, I received a business letter from him. The full text is as follows:Well don't Garden (Biz) No. fourteen KensingtonI need a drilling expert. With you say, I don't think much of the so-called experts, and I often find a clever man (as I was) with professional knowledge than those people who boast, see the vision of a more open, more effective solution to the problem. The so-called professional knowledge of those experts is often just the art of life, so their vision is too short. That being the case, I decided to let you have a try. When you look at the names of the people on the rig, you're weird - I almost wrote "ridiculous" - the name caught my eye. As soon as I checked, I found out that my young friend, Mr. Edward Malone, had a relationship with you. I would like to express my wish to meet with you. If you can meet my needs - this is an unusual request, and I'll give you a piece of business. The matter is highly confidential, much inconvenience here. Please cancel all possible dates at once and come to my apartment on Friday at half past ten a.m.. Open at a mud scraper and a doormat, for Mrs. Cha Linjie have nike air max 90 essential George Edward Challenger

I gave the letter to the Chief Secretary for his reply. Reply said, Mr. Pilris Jones is willing to schedule an appointment. Reply to the same business letter tone, written very polite. The first sentence is: "(no date) received." This brings the professor's second letter."Sir," he wrote of his handwriting askew, like a barbed wire fence. "I've noticed a small mistake you blame me for: the letter was dated. Allow me to point out to you that, as a result of the high postage paid, it is customary for the government to put a circle on the envelope or that it has been said to be a postmark. If you do not have this circle, or you may not see it clearly, you should question the postal authorities. At the same time, please only care about the business I want to negotiate with you, do not comment on the form of letters."I know, I'm dealing with a madman. So I think it's better to call on my old friend Malone before getting involved. I played football with him since childhood, as well as the Ricci city team. I found Malone a century ago, still a lively and warm Irish, and he and Cha Linjie in the first match I also very feel there are problems."That's what, dude!" He said, "if you spend five minutes with him, you'll feel like you're being skinned alive. No one in the world can be as obnoxious as he is."nike nike air max 90 essential "Why is the world so tolerant of him?"

"Not a bit tolerant. If you can count on him to do the slander, the quarrel of these frames, as well as the police station in the court hit -"The assailant!""If you have a dispute, he will not push you down the stairs. He is a primitive caveman in smart clothes. I can imagine him holding a golf club, a piece of thick stone plating fixation. Some people are just the product of their own century, but he is the kind of one thousand years out of a monster. He lived in the Neolithic age, or before and after that." ;"But he's still a professor, 2."nike nike air max 90 essential "The wonderful thing is here. He has the greatest genius and ambition in Europe, and is able to turn all these dreams into reality. His colleagues desperately wanted to go and grabbed him, hate him too worried about the moment, but like a swarm of trawlers wanted to grab No. ship as presumptuous sister-in-law Beilun folgaria. The professor did not ignore them, went forward mengjin."

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