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The color of the room was dull and irritable. The light is yellow. This is the unique atmosphere, claudia.Mullen is shocked and can not help but sigh. Claudia Luo apparently treatment on the matter some way, is not affected by the oxidation of chlorine. Even posted on the wall map of the earth - lined with plastic glossy printed on the back - seems new, untouched. He approached the map because he was attracted by the contours of the continents he knew......There was a sudden movement in his eyes. He quickly turned around with a heavy cosmic suit. He screamed, thought dead crow Luo people are standing up.It has a sagging neck that is oozing tissue. But its arms have been blindly stretched out, like countless chest tentacles swing quickly in roshe one or run But it is invisible. Minor damage to the neck it has lost all sense organs, part of it collapsed asphyxia. But the abdomen is safe. It is still alive.

Mullen immediately retreated. He went around in circles. Although he is deaf people know Mr. Luo, but he is still quite hard to walk on tiptoe. Mr. Luo man stumbled against the wall, and touch the ground, and then began to sidle.Mullen was desperate to find weapons, but nothing. That is the holster Crowe Luo people, but he did not dare to reach for. He wondered why he had not caught it in the first place Idiot锛? The door to the control room opened and there was hardly any sound. Mullen shivered.Another Claudia Luo people in, not hurt. He stood at the door for a moment, and the tendrils in his chest were stiff. Pedicel his neck outstretched, terrified eyes staring at him first, then looks almost dead.So he reached out to the side of his roshe one or run Mullen unconsciously made the same rapid reflexes, and he pulled out the oxygen hose of the spare oxygen cylinder. This is the oxygen cylinder after he entered the control room from his space suit hanging clip to take down the exchange, he also broke the valve. He couldn't wait to decompress, and let the oxygen out. Under the impact of recoil, he could hardly stand.

He saw the stream of oxygen, a gray mass, churning in the green chlorine. It got the crow Luo people, when people are put, Claudia weapon holster on.Mr. Luo people despair. The head of small nodules on the nose in a panic, but no sound. He stumbled, fell down, twisted for a while, and never moved again.Mullen went over and poured the oxygen into it as if it were a fire. Then he lifted a heavy foot in its neck pedicel central, crushed it on the floor.He turned to the first crow. His limbs were stretched out and roshe one or run The whole room is full of gray oxygen, the amount is enough to destroy the whole legion, claudia. He ran out of oxygen.

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