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Beck was born in the form of a scientist, as well as the famous scientist Einstein is cast from a mold. He is calm, smart, good at reasoning; his attitude is gentle, courteous, and manners of a degree, but also good at hiding and revealing his natural changeable feelings.Come out to meet Dr. Hiaasen. He was tall, with a pair of gray eyes flashing behind a pair of pale blue glasses.Beck stepped forward, and Hiaasen coldly shook hands, and then said: "this is our sergeant to Mr. nissen." Then he stepped into Hiaasen's room, and looked around. He found that the room was beautifully decorated, and there were a lot of books on the shelves, but there were no glasses, no titles, and perhaps most of them were expensive.What a good library!" After Beck Hiaasen and Nissen said some kind words are said, "these books have you read?"nike roshe run look alike "I'm afraid there won't be so much time, sir." Hiaasen was surprised by the opening remarks.

"May I sit down?" Beck asked Hiaasen, but did not answer, just sitting in the leather armchair, wink at Hiaasen, "now, I hope you can understand why we come here, Dr. Hiaasen?"Hiaasen nodded. "I guess it must have something to do with Anna.""Yes, your wife, sir." Beck stared at Hiaasen. He regretted not being able to see Hiaasen's face because he could not see his face. Beck sighed, and all of a sudden he came to think that if he had not been able to see his face, he would have been able to analyze his mind through his gestures. However, the matter is urgent, can no longer hesitate."Hiaasen nodded and said, "I admire you, inspector. However, I must admit that I was surprised that the police were involved in the incident. I know rabies is very serious, but the health authorities will come."nike roshe run look alike "Oh, yeah, it's a serious thing. According to the news this morning, Bermingham had another case. Have you heard? Nasty disease. But you'll get to know the whole story, right?"

Hiaasen did not realize this is a snide remarks, or he is not the kind of answer: "yes, that's terrible, poor Anna crossly.""If you don't have anything to do with it......" He suddenly appeared to half of the sentence.Hiaasen glanced at him in amazement, and then said, "yes, yes, I have nothing to do with it." But he added, "what a strange thing to ask!""It's not weird at all." Beck said, "you see, sir, to have the right to contact the sergeant Nissen case file."nike roshe run look alike "Um! We're going to look around, sir. You know, sometimes we may have some personal details."

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