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"You know at my age and my legs......" With his palm hitting his stiff knees. "But I can't do that now, though I wish I could do that.""Oh, yes." Stewart said, "and my own hand is crippled," Pollio Katie J said to me. That saved me. But what about the rest of us?""Listen," cried Potter. "I want to know what this is all about. How can people get through a steam pipe? If people use Luo Crowe steam pipe, and a person in there, how does that do?""Hey, Potter, it's a chance of success."nike roshe run maroon "But he'll be cooked like a lobster in a shell."

"What a good image, but not accurate. Steam pipe to wait for a very short period of time will be radiation, perhaps one or two seconds, the insulation will stay so long. In addition; the jet velocity of the airflow is hundreds of miles per minute, so as not to put your steam or hot flashes, you'll be blown away from the ship. In fact, you will be blown out several miles in space, then you left the crow Luo people is safe. Of course, you can't go back to the ship."Potter has been sweating. "Stewart, you don't scare me at all.""I can't scare you? So you asked for it? Do you really think about what it means to be thrown into space? You know you're alone, you're alone. The steam jet may cause you to roll quickly, you can't feel it. It looks like you're still, but all the stars will spin around you, like the stars in the sky. They never stop, never slow down. Then your heater will lose its function, the oxygen will run out, and you will die. You will have a lot of time to think, if you are eager to achieve, you can open the space suit, it will not be comfortable. I've seen the faces of people who accidentally tore up the space suits. But it will be faster. Then......"Potter turned and walked away with an unsteady roshe run maroon Stewart said softly: "another failure. The title of the hero is to be won by the highest order, but no one has yet made the offer."

Pollio Katie J was. His harsh noise made his remarks violent: "you go on, Mr. Big mouth. You just keep on knocking at your empty bucket. Soon we will put your teeth kicked off the. I'd like to have a child who is willing to do it, Mr. Potter, right?"Potter looked at Stewart's eyes and confirmed what Pollio Katie J had said. But he didn't say anything.Stewart said: "what about you, Pollio Katie? You are bare-handed hero. Do you want me to put on your space suit?""I'll ask you for help."nike roshe run maroon "How are you, Lebron?"

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