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The reef is due to the beginning of life as a simple communication node in the interplanetary wireless network. When the network attempts to upgrade to have a sense of self, it downloads a copy of its source code to each node that has the ability to process its source code. These and the edge of the reef on the edge of the town, such as the separation of the nodes, their physical form and the ability to deal with a radical change, the individual also carried out a self consciousness after re starting.Hundreds of places have occurred in this case." Laurie said. So far, she hasn't told health two anything new. Over the years, human beings have been plagued by similar outbreaks and crashes, dangerous situations that can be controlled. In the sense of ownership, they tend to exhaust themselves. As soon as artificial intelligence falls into the state of blind speed evolution, they will soon lose interest in the slow external universe, thus allowing themselves to disappear in the state of infinite acceleration."In almost all cases, the AI will almost disappear into a state of overdrive, making it impossible for humans to control. The difference between this node and the other nodes is that when the primary network crashes, it delays the running and delays its active features." She described her and Jacqueline's team to the first close association in a node, how to send a remote detector, found that this is still full of life; how they penetrate rock mining along a deep ditch to detect the reef and how deep, how they slowly fascinated by it, are willing to do everything. To understand it, because it is strong support for potential survival."Jacqueline was the first person to touch it. We're all in a booster suit, but the suit doesn't have a protective device." Laurie look away. "The rocks swallowed her. We thought we'd lost her." She described how the reef engulfed by the rescue team; describe the reef how to deal with these players, and then spit them out; describe some players out of what happened after the change, and those who constitute a reef of the structure itself naughty nano molecular rearranged them how to roshe run sneakers Some people look ten years younger, others are completely old. A woman appears like a butterfly, and her wings are soon dried up in the desert sun. Other players came out with eight arms, but no mouth or eyes. Some players have been spit out, the skull has become crystal or has a tough silver skin. Others have been thrown out with a strange ability, or a piercing armor, or a steel claw.

In a word, every lunatic or psychotic who hasn't been changed wants to throw himself or herself into the rock, hoping to be changed. Hope can be better than now. Some players come out and say that they can see things that happened in the past, with deeper insight and insight. Others came out to be a stupid idiot, whose knowledge and experience in the brain had been completely erased. Some people have been fused together and then spit out, while others have been turned into small groups of animals to spit out.No two changes are exactly the same."Jacqueline was thrown into a trance?"Laurie finishes her wine, said: "at least she came back, a few did not appear again."nike roshe run sneakers Kin Two stretched his body, riding a motorcycle to make him a little stiff body. He needs a hot bath.

"So what's wrong with her?"He said: "No. At least the doctors around didn't see anything wrong. Even physically, she's in the best shape and can run a marathon.""What about psychology?""Who knows? We don't get any response."nike roshe run sneakers "What did she say? Any point?"

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