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Skali didn't take it, took off his coat and said, "are you ready?"Mulder smiled and said, "go ahead, dear."Carrie threw him a pair of gloves!" They began to collect evidence.Carrie opened the box of "China" and said, "thank you very much for your friendly neighbors."nike shoes roshe run A carpet Mulder cut the living room: "there are no matter, this place was clean and can make computer chips."

Carrie took out a portable video camera and started filming, saying: "6 p.m. on February 24th". This is the history of Carrie and Mulder in Mrs. Colin's home, they have disappeared in July last year. Mr Colin and his wife are third couples missing since the community was built in 1991. They have a stable career, no violence, family discord, and mental illness. The first was discovered by their families or employees, and their cars and personal belongings disappeared. Local police in all cases can not find any clues, leaving only a clean and tidy house, there are a group of people who know nothing about the disappearance of the neighbors. This is amazing, especially in a neighborhood so closely connected. Local police helpless, had to ask FBI for help. Skinner, deputy director of the case for us to deal with, he came up with a good way to investigate the case, let us disguised as buyers of housing investigation. This perfect planning community seems to be hidden...... Some dark, silent murder plot."The camera to Mulder's face, Mulder cheekily: "now in front of the camera to shoot the honeymoon videos?""The new generation of ants?" I awkwardly whispered."No, they're not ants. You come!"nike shoes roshe run He motioned me to come to the table, and the other two went with me.

Li Boman, a dissection tool is removed from the drawer, put the things turned over, then pointed to the lower chest like insects said: "it looks like this should be a part of its body to you, Mr. Morgan?""Yes, it's part of it."He used two tools to find a crack and pry the bottom. It is like a bomber as the belly open, which turns out to be a pocket carry, a container, which is equipped with 4 pieces each have a half inch long delicate tools, or instruments, or what the weapons. They like from any unique ingenuity and practical gadget as beautiful -- like the creature itself is beautiful, just because it is insects but I am a man, so it was deprived of the beautiful reputation.Li Boman used tweezers to pick up the pieces from the hook and put them in my palm. I stroked and studied them and put them back in the shoes roshe run I looked at the ant, and I realized that I had never seen it before. We do not look at them in a way that causes us to fear or dislike. You don't look at things through the curtain of hate. Look, disgust, fear of the emotion which has dispelled, I finally found it like ants, but not the ant, I have never seen this kind of thing, have not seen the dream.

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