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"He is not fatally injured," he said. It seems that he is not angry about the violence. He went on to say, "it is worrying that the earth man, my partner and myself know something about this house. Do you want us to meet any requirements?"Stewart angrily stroked by my bruised knees and said, "no, thank you, Mr. Luo people.""Listen," Wyndham said angrily, "you are too run amuck. We're asking for release."Mr. Luo people insect like head turned to the old fat Wyndham. People who are not used to seeing him always feel uncomfortable. He and the earth were highly similar, but the body top is a very thin neck, it grows a tiny head, head of the front there is a triangular nose tip, the edges are not long, on each side of a long bubble eye, in addition to these not what else, no skull on his head, too no brains. Claudia Luo people at the site of the brain is equivalent to the earth abdomen where his head is just a sensory organ. Claudia Luo people the space suit basically is according to the shape of his head to do, through the two semicircular clear lens eyes, the lens is pale blue, because the clothes inside the reservoir is sneakers roshe run He stared at Wyndham with his eyes wide open, which made him shudder, but he said firmly, "we are not combatants, you have no right to take us as prisoners of war."

Mr. Luo people voice sound is not natural, the sound is coming from attached on his chest chrome mesh in. His pronunciation part operated by compressed air, many suko from his upper body two circle stretching out of the fork in the fertilized by one or two control. Fortunately, these whiskers are hidden in his clothes in the universe.Voice said: "do you really think so, earth people? You must have heard the war, the rules of war and war criminals."Mr. Luo people looked around, with his head rapidly rotating, two eyes alternately see something from time to time. Stewart's understanding is that his eyes are different from each other in the brain to transmit the information from the brain to integrate the two into a complete message.Wyndham and the others didn't say anything. Claudia Luo Man's limbs roughly speaking is his hands and feet, if you see the chest from his feet instead of looking up, he poured in the space suit also vaguely some man, but who also could not say what he sneakers roshe run They watched him turn and walk away.

Potter coughed and choked his voice and said, "Oh, my God, you smell the chlorine. They don't have to do anything. We're all gonna die of a bad lung.".""Don't say that," Stewart said. "There's not enough chlorine in the air to make a sneeze, and it takes two minutes to get rid of it. Besides, it's not good for you to smell chlorine. It can help you get rid of your cold."Wyndham coughed, said: "Stewart, I think you should and your friends talk about Kelaoluo, put us. Why, when they were in, your courage is not, they left you up."Stewart said, "Colonel, you didn't hear that we were war criminals. We have to wait."nike sneakers roshe run Just to see Lebron Crowe Luo people walked pale, now stood up and hurried into the toilet. The room burst retching sound.

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