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"I think I'll have to give her a good beating," the man went on......"Alison cried loudly and fled into the bush. She can't wait to see the man behind him. Branches and thorns tore her skin, her skirt fell down and tripped her. She ran forward without rhyme or reason, over a pile of thorny shrubs, but a head in the trunk of a tree. She fell on the ground, dizziness, panting, waiting for the man to beat her.Her legs, arms, and shoulders were covered with a long, long cut, and the ribs were whipped by a tough branch like a whip, leaving a long trail. However, there is no relationship. A crooked roots run near her waist. It doesn't matter. She doesn't care about anything. Why didn't anyone tell her she was a junior? How many know some of her own, she has had to understand, but they never had it to her.Later, she understood why the man and the woman said that to her, although they must see or guess the actual situation at that time. Because they have children, or they have children. They hate all robots, robots are redundant, their enemies, their children's enemies.price of nike air max However, at that time, she just helplessly waiting, no effort to think. The man will come and beat her, Susan and Roger will drive her out, she'll never be happy.

"My parents don't know about it," Alison said. "I was hiding in the bushes until it was dark, and then I ran home. I climbed into the house from the side of his bedroom, then pushed in the bedroom for a couple of hours."So he had a wife and they said she was really pretty. There was another man who wanted to make friends with her, and she didn't agree at first because she was afraid of her husband. Her husband found out, they said he killed a snake, put the snake blood in the whiskey and drank it. He learned this method from an island he knew at sea. Then 6 months later, the snake was born, ate her flesh and took away her skin. They said you could see the snakes up and down her legs. They said she was just an empty shell, and this state lasted until she died. Now my dad says he saw it.Eight chimneys folk stories"Eight smoke" has more than 200 years of history. Its name comes from its eight chimneys, each of which Claire and Samantha add up to. Smoke is a red brick, each layer has 8, a total of 24. Samantha imagined them as old as the number of stem from mangrove, stone into the room. The fireplace is a heavy black carbon frame, and a snake type wrought iron poker. In their 3 floor bedroom, Claire and Samantha are often with a poker duel in front of the fireplace. The wind blew up from behind the chimney. Put your face on it, you can feel the wind like a river pentium. The flue feels old and black, like a stone in the river.price of nike air max Their bedroom used to be a nursery. They slept in a big bed, as big as a ship with 4 masts, and smelled of camphor. Charles

Rash slept here when he was a little boy and, of course, his daughter. When her father disappeared, she disappeared. May be due to gambling debts; they have gone to New Orleans. Mr. Gu C Slack said she was only 14 years old. What about her name? Claire asked. Samantha wants to know what happened to her mother. Mr. Kos Lake blinked and said that Mrs. rush had died before his father and daughter disappeared. He can't remember the poor girl's name."Eight chimneys," said there are a total of 100 windows, all inlaid with the original style of handmade glass. Samantha believes that since there are so many windows, the house should be light enough to, but because the tree house was tightly wrapped, and that from the first layer to the second layer, and third layers of the room are green, dark; like in the bottom. In this light, the tourists are like ghosts. In the morning and evening, there will be a fog around the house. Sometimes, the color of the fog is gray, like the color of Claire's eyes, and sometimes, the fog will become more gray, like the color of the eyes of Samantha.I met a woman in the forest,Her lips are two red snakes.price of nike air max She smiled at me, her eyes light

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