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"To the mystery of the future," the author: [de] Tom HowardWei Jiaguo compilation1 where the "mumbo-jumbo"Time to work, colleagues have left the office. When John came home, he felt a little tired and wanted to rest in nike blazers He picked up a smooth black plastic cover book on the coffee table, turned over, and almost no word in the book. The pages are very special, they are all like metal. John took a test and folded it. He finally found that there are a few words, seem to know, as if the physical terms. Later, I found out that this is the dream of science. Now, John must know that any of his guests had lost the book. He called Leicester first.

"Yes, I'm david!" The population of the speech is unclear."You lost a Book?" John asked."No. I......"John put down the microphone. Then he called again to ask about Marie, and they said it wasn't the case. Now only a wee man. He doesn't have a phone. Later, John thought that there was no need to take it too seriously, put the book aside and went to nike blazers "All inhabitants."

"By voting?""No, by consensus.""How to reach a consensus?""We are fully discussed on the problems in the conference center."red nike blazers What if you can't agree?"

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