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"No," replied the big one, "but good manners need to be answered.""Well," the West said, "if you don't have any feelings, at least you against Goliya Jepson, he won't scare you."Lee Jepson rebounds and technical fouls. I don't think anyone would like him, even his teammates."Well," said the bait, throwing a ball at the big guy. "Let's try one on one. Ralph, let's see how you're going to fight us."sale nike air max The big guy looked at me, and his face had no expression. I leaned a little closer to it, and it was just enough to get out of the way and see what it was going to do, when it began to run with the ball, and before I could touch it again, it had passed me by and threw the ball into the basket.

Again." Bait command.This time I held out a hand to his face, blocking its line of sight. It is the reaction of vertical jump of nearly 1.5 meters, wind threw the ball from the three point line.It is 10 minutes to start the game of shame, the big guy is faster than me, stronger than me, than I jump higher, every vote will in addition to two ball arresting all my pitches.For the next 10 minutes, we have a pair of two. Once it was two times, and the other time I saw it move, but the bait did not speak, it beat us 30 to nike air max "Guys," said the bait after the second shame, "I think we've found our center."

That means I lost my job, at least I lost the center, but how can I protest? We are a very good team and we need to go one more step to beat the Los Angeles red team.Each of us went to the big guy in turn and shook hands with him to welcome him to be a member of the team. It can't be more polite, you will feel it is polite to the program, but its face and attitude is no different from the way it runs to the basket."And you, nimble," when we all shook hands, said, "I want you and Ralph to help the room.""Live with it?" I repeated, "you can't turn it off at night and open it in the morning?"sale nike air max "It's a part of the team, and treat it like a team. He will go with us and live with us, and if he eats, he will eat with us." He suddenly stopped and turned to the big man, "do you eat?"

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