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Two minutes later, they both grabbed the phone."I'm going to call my lawyer." Roderick roared."I'm going to call my lawyer." Allyson retorted.He dialed the telephone number of half stop, she said gruffly: "you cannot ask him; your lawyer is my lawyer."shoes nike air max Like iron, she always comes down first. She gave a cheerful smile and made a suggestion: let's guess who will ask him?"

"No," said Roderick rudely. Ha, where is the great love that he has lost his mind? I paid for the lawyer's money, you can't afford it.""All right," Alison agreed. "I'm here to fight this lawsuit.""I will defend himself," Roderick said loudly, put down the receiver side. After a while, he picked it up and said, "no, we still need him to do it for us.""He wanted to gang up?" Alison asked nike air max "Well, it is low, dirty, dirty, ugly, sinister, nasty, disgusting, this time is to cherish evil thoughts......"

"What?" Allyson asked, the appearance is really naive to the extreme."Robot?" He scolded her badly.She could no longer restrain her eyes from her anger.This lawsuit is not only mentioned in the newspaper, but also render the natural way: put up a pageantry accused of robot, put forward a divorce nike air max This title is not surprising, because people will wonder: why a man accused of robots, asked for a divorce case worth on the front page of the world's population, after all, half of the robot. Every day there are natural persons and natural persons, natural persons and robots, robots and natural persons, robots and robots divorce. The natural response to such a title is: "so what?" Who cares?"

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