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The dream has been the priests in the mourning hall waiting for male dili. Empress had smoked light vanilla, ready to absorb the aroma. For one year, from Memorial Day is the most important, so their people waiting in the square, street, terrace, waiting for the priests, the male emperor notices I use eye to see what, then explain to people in the new year direction. After all, the holy feast can begin.It is usually in the evening or night that God is affected by the smell, and then he can see things and tell them to the priests. The priests will be able to speak and explain to us. They settled down to wait, some to hide in the house, some to hide in the shade, because the clouds after the weather becomes hot. Tazu, Ya Jie, and I stayed in the idiot long terrace, Han Po and some monarch and goddess accompany us, and Austria Mimeng, to celebrate the anniversary of creation came from the army back to.At that time, Austria is a misty adult man, tall. After the anniversary, he will be the head of the Crusades and national crusade Tego check. He is like the soldiers in the same, or climb roll hit a rough temper like a snake skin, Piban hard thick, shiny black. He was handsome, but I was glad to marry a man is Tazu, instead of him, because of a cunning gas showing in his eyes.In order to let us see his thick skin, he cut his arm with a knife, deep, but still no bleeding. He has threatened to cut Tazu arms, and said scornfully would suddenly bleeding. He brag about how to lead the army and destroy the mighty brave foreigners who spoke like this: "I follow foreign bodies of people across the river. I will catch the alien jungle, burned to ashes." He also said they belittle Tego people, stupid, I put a flying lizard Dragon God, also said that they allow women to fight on the battlefield, women worksilver nike air max 90 Erich stood up.

"Excuse me, sir, I thought......" He said."Don't say anymore," Zelingen interrupted, "I'm not interested in your money. But I'm going to take you there. No one in the world can accuse me of being a coward. Let me show you the way."The whole thing is from the beginning. A week later, Erich and Carlson Zelingen, three people will take the Research Institute of helicopter, fly to the upper Orinoco River, its tributaries in Arauco river. It was the last base of the institute. They took the food off the plane and agreed with the driver (a young, active Italian) to go through the jungle. Contact with the helicopter, through a small radio station to Carlson. The plan states that the helicopter should follow them all the time. Keep a certain distance. The main difficulties in the investigation will fall on several of them.They have been in the jungle since morning. Zelingen ahead, explore the path to the waterfall. To the river, they planned to travel along the river bed, but the sand in the foot, roads are blocked by the fall in the trees spread all across in confusion, so they had to go to the jungle. The top of the head of the dense branches criss cross, even a ray of light can not shoot into the darkness enveloped the jungle. The warm and humid land exudes a thick smell of steam smothering. The grass is full of snakes: heard after some rustle to climb; some people looked indifferent, lazily to twist the body stretch.silver nike air max 90 During the day, the jungle monkeys can be heard without end, disturbed people could not hear what countless monkeys jumped on the tree. Colorful hummingbird, like a butterfly fluttering around the orchid, orchid, there is very rare. As mysterious as the forest. The jungle ferns Fudi, complicated and difficult to deal with vines, ancient trees tower to the skies, woven into the net in the trunk packed closely layer upon layer, covering the above, people have to walk on the grass and vines hanging between. Zelingen they move very slowly, always beware. One step wrong, a careless move, will die. The God of death, after every branch and stone, looks at you, and you may inadvertently push the branch with your hand, or rock it with your foot. God of death is sometimes turned into a big fist, covered with fur is a poisonous spider, and sometimes turned into a monster with a poisonous hook.

In the evening, the jungle All sounds are still. But the silence is unbelievable. This is the wicked snake out feeding time. The Jaguar crept out of its prey like a cat. Puma's eyes from the bushes emitted yellow flame. But the voice of man is enough to scare the beast away, for the word of man is very strange in this green wilderness. In addition, there are other enemies in sub. They flew round and round, in their eyes and ears, and all over their faces. Give your bite. It is no longer possible to move forward. Zelingen made a gesture, they stopped, with wet branches lit a bonfire, the fire smoke, expel the sandfly son. Have to control one's temper to his face and hands rub a special oil. Carlson was so angry that he said he had never seen a stamp with rage, this kind of place. Eli Beh Hin laughed at his friend and told him a joke. They set up a tent and began to cook dinner.Night, the quiet night in the jungle, came slowly. The Southern Cross constellation stars hanging high in the sky, twinkling eye. Dr. Eli Beh Hin was a lamp, Ze on the map with the pentecoastal traveled all day long. Carlson in a transmitter, he put on a headset and briefly report the coordinates of the expedition. After dinner, people without conversation, all silent, brooding. Carlson pulled out from the backpack, family photos, attentively look for a long time. It's a picture of his wife and three sons. Eli Beh Hin stretched out on the rubber mat, and occasionally answered one or two words.One evening, when Carlson taking photos, Ai Xin Reeh suddenly turned to sit in the empty cans on the Zelingen, her head at him over there a friend Yang quip: "the play has begun...... As for me, I'm sick of this kind of thing. We are not also the Heirloom out tours to play?......""I'm not heirloom," Zelingen muffled and murmured, "I never keep pictures of the dead."silver nike air max 90 Erich glanced at Carlson.

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