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What did Nesle Ajason call you: "the perfect master? Virus model?"I remember a long time ago, HIVAIDS virus cunning and efficient frightened everyone. But next to you, HIV is just a rough butcher Bale: crazy and hasty Chainsaw Massacre kill their host, free, just rely on some bad habits of human can be spread, and these bad habits, human effort can be overcome. Oh, old HIV has a couple of tricks, and you're an amateur.The flu virus is a lot smarter. They wander around, fast variation. A long time ago, they learned how to make the host runny nose, tears, sneezing, coughing, so the pain spread in all directions. Usually, they don't kill their hosts, but they let them pass the virus to their neighbors.Oh, Nesle Ajason used to blame me for what I saw. Every time, when he entered the laboratory, found I was rich in Texas - Mexico curse talks some damn stubborn virus, he habitually raised an eyebrow, he used it dry of Winchester accent commented: "the virus does not hear, Fu rui. They don't feel, strictly speaking, they don't even have a life, just a bunch of protein genes."toddler nike blazers "Yes, but what a selfish ness, gene! Given a little chance, they will take up a human cell, force the cell to produce a new virus, kill it, and then take the new cells. They may not be able to think, and all their actions may be a coincidence. But don't you think it's like a plan, are these dirty little things guided by something? They make us sick, even our lives!"

"All right," he said, smiling at my new world outlook. "If you don't appreciate their beauty, will you do it?"Opinionated, since that divine good old ness, he never found the real reason I attract virus. There is a simple, pure, and even greater ambition in their greed. Even if they do not think I do not feel at ease, I often think, whether people overestimate their own minds?I first met Ness when he came to Austen years ago. At that time he had a reputation for being a genius. Finally, he invited me to go to work in Oxford, the British Isles now I listen to the sound of rain sound, while he and mild controversy.Nesle Ajason often speaks with his pompous philosopher and his artist friends. He kept boasting about the beauty and refinement of the dirty little things, but he couldn't fool me, and I knew he was crazy about the Nobel prize. Like hunting for prey, frantically searching for fragments of the mysteries of life, which leads to more funding, larger laboratories, newer equipment, and higher prestige...... Money, status, and finally, perhaps Stockholm.toddler nike blazers He claims that he is not interested in it. In this case, in the government's massive reduction in research funding today, the laboratory is how to continue to expand it?

"Viruses have their good side." He said, "of course, is the beginning of the open fire. But in the end, either human beings have their own defenses, or......" He loved the dramatic pause.Freeman is riding Kaka gas glowing hatred eyes stare at Harris, suddenly back to jump on him. At this time, Kaka from their gas is only about four meters, suddenly being violently attacked Freeman fell. But when he fell, he pulled the trigger. A beam of light from a photon pistol in the shot, hit the husband to the aisle ceiling, leaving a deep hole in the ceiling. Wait for him to continue shooting, Freeman has rushed to a stride, riding in his body, grabbed his gun. And then there was a fight.Kaka gas desperately need to get Freeman from him knocked down, but Freeman continued to hit out at him, but turned to.In a little while, Kaka could not move. But Freeman also worried, and play a.toddler nike blazers "That's enough, Freeman." Anderson whispered.

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