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Mr. Moliyang persistent cool, dark hair, in the entire conversation process does not stop chewing gum."Please sit down. Welcome." He said, "at the beginning, you just participate in the car race and other projects, if you succeed, will receive $one thousand; if the failure is only $one hundred, but the main problem is not here.""Of course, sir.""This is just the beginning, JBC uses it to select actors, the top two were invited to shoot more exciting adventure films, the stakes are higher."white leather nike blazers "I understand, sir."

"If you succeed again, you can take part in the first performance. It will be broadcast all over the country and pay the highest fees, and how far you can go depends on yourself.""I'll do my best, sir." Regel guarantee,Mr. Moliyang stopped chewing to sympathetic tone, said: "I believe you, my child. You represent the people, and the people are the power."They shook hands with each other, and then Regel signed a document on all personal responsibilities, including mental and physical trauma to death. He also signed a voluntary statement in accordance with the voluntary suicide act, which is required by lawwhite leather nike blazers Three weeks later he came to the studio to take part in the car race. On the surface, it is not much different from the traditional formula car Grand Prix, but the driver can be completely new. They're going to drive off the 20 mile complex terrain, and if you don't have enough horsepower, the warning will automatically go on,

"Wait a minute, sir." Dubled stepped forward and said, "he's a federal bank investigator."The truth came out. The judge gently relieved his pistol back holster."I'm here to see what might happen." The FBI muttered, "good afternoon. Sir, you know. A few years ago in the statistics of his federal bank wrote "no income" three words?"At this time, Virgil regained his composure and came out from behind the house. "Everything here is not his current income." He said in a very harsh tone, "this is his capital, are old banknotes, and you know that the income tax period is not."white leather nike blazers Of course I know." The FBI said unhappily, "Molaideng judge, you prepare a thorough search of the house?"

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